Blogmas Post 1


Long time no see, Ive been having health issues and on top of uni work I just haven’t read much☹️ Hopefully the new year will be different.

Today I am posting about my Book tree that Ive made this year. I try to change it up each year haha.

This year I stacked the books into the shape of a tree and added white baubles with my book bag on top!

I also have a tree in my office so when Im studying it still feels festive. I chose a gonk theme haha.

We also bought Lucy a new xmas jumper which she ❤️s

Thanks for reading, Hope you like my trees! Have you finished all your decorating?


4 thoughts on “Blogmas Post 1

  1. Good to see you posting again Ellie! Sorry you’ve been sick. This year’s book tree is lovely. And Lucy’s jumper – OMG! Merry Christmas. Happy New Year and stay safe!

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