SixForSunday: Yellow Books

HI, This Sunday I am starting the trend that Steph over on created called SixforSunday where i will share 6 of whatever the theme is. This weeks is Yellow books and i'm sharing my top 6. One and Moonrise by Sarah Crossan : she is one of my favourite authors so although i read and … Continue reading SixForSunday: Yellow Books

Bookshelf Tour 2019

Hi Everyone, Sorry for being MIA for a month been struggling with some health issues. But i've got my mojo back and am reading again.I noticed a few new followers whilst i've been away so thank you for the continued support all of you. Today i sorted my bookshelves out from the Christmas decorations so … Continue reading Bookshelf Tour 2019

YA Book Review:The Weight of a thousand feathers

Hi guys, The weight of a thousand feathers by Brian Conaghan is a definite ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.5 Thanks to Bloomsbury Publishing i got an early hardback copy so was able to finish it in the beautiful sun as you can see ↓ As always i have read Brian Conaghans book quickly (in 2 days) because its that gripping. This … Continue reading YA Book Review:The Weight of a thousand feathers