Bookshelf Tour 2019

Hi Everyone, Sorry for being MIA for a month been struggling with some health issues. But i've got my mojo back and am reading again.I noticed a few new followers whilst i've been away so thank you for the continued support all of you. Today i sorted my bookshelves out from the Christmas decorations so … Continue reading Bookshelf Tour 2019

Blogmas DAY 22 : Highlights of 2018

Hi, This year i have done some great things that ill remember forever. Even though its been tough with my own health and the passing of my Nan many good things have happened too and thats what i'm concentrating on as its Christmas! This Year i went to YALC DAY 1 and YALC Day 2 which was actually day … Continue reading Blogmas DAY 22 : Highlights of 2018