Blogmas DAY 22 : Highlights of 2018

Hi, This year i have done some great things that ill remember forever. Even though its been tough with my own health and the passing of my Nan many good things have happened too and thats what i'm concentrating on as its Christmas! This Year i went to YALC DAY 1 and YALC Day 2 which was actually day … Continue reading Blogmas DAY 22 : Highlights of 2018

YALC Day 2

HI, So Sunday at YALC was just as fabulous as day 1. My mum came this day too to help me with my books. It was great to meet Lisa Williamson who said she wants to use my Last name in a future book as she loves it.😁👇🏻 These are all the books i bought … Continue reading YALC Day 2