BLOGMAS DAY 16 : LOVE Secret Santa


Today I’m reviewing this great ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.5 read by S.A.Domingo.


I absolutely loved this book even though I predicted the romance from 10 pages in. Angel and Caspar’s characters were beautifully written and I loved them both. I also enjoyed that fact it represented a Gay couple but they weren’t the focus of the book.

The fact this book is Christmassy, romantic and deals with illness was right up my street. It also tackles grief and what its like to move on in a very realistic way. All the charity work done throughout was inspiring and refreshing to read and definitely makes you think of what others are going through at Christmas time.

It had quite large print so it was easy to get through meaning yet again I read it in 1 day as it was a lighthearted and fast paced book. I would definitely recommend this book for ages 11+.

Thanks for reading, Have you read this book or planning to? comment below


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