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YA Book Review:The Weight of a thousand feathers

*This book isn’t out in the uk until 14th June*

Hi guys,

The weight of a thousand feathers by Brian Conaghan is a definite ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.5

Thanks to Bloomsbury Publishing i got an early hardback copy so was able to finish it in the beautiful sun as you can see ↓

As always i have read Brian Conaghans book quickly (in 2 days) because its that gripping.

This book is about MS and young carers . Its a heartfelt and emotional read that deals with topics people often feel unable to talk about in real life. All though dealing with serious topics in this and his previous books Brian always manages to put across the humour of which makes the book flow perfectly.

Bobby and Dannys brother hood is a quirky and funny  rollercoaster of a relationship. You cant help but feel for Bobby and experience his emotions with him throughout the ups and downs of his life especially when his mum asks him to help her end her life!

The friendships Bobby makes at Poztive (the young carers group) are portrayed diversely and represent how everybody deals with things differently but theres always someone who you can talk to and understands. Lou especially is a key character and his flirtatious friendship with bobby keeps you intrigued as well as the fact his life is quite mysterious and not very open like bobby has been.However towards the end He became the villain in the book and i disliked him a great amount!

Bel and Bobby being best-friends is a lovely factor of the book as it shows boys and girls can be be just friends. Also, Bel is trusted with Danny, who isn’t diagnosed but seems to have autism or a similar condition , as well as looking after Bobbys mum. I enjoyed the reality of this friendship where one minute they’re happy, joking , confiding and then arguing the next.

I love how at the end of the book you feel a sense of union between the brothers themselves and with their mum. Which is shown most in the last 40 pages and through very roar thoughts, feelings and actions of the two boys!

Overall this books is a great insight into the struggles of illness and young carers as well as being Gay. It is a fabulous read with a great pace of which means you cant put it down!

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Ya book review: Leah on the off beat

Hi Guys,

Leah on the off beat by Becky Albertalli is ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.5

This book lived up to the hype and was at the same standard as Simon!

I loved the voice of Leah she is hilarious and feels like you best friend.

The f/f relationship is portrayed amazingly. And as always It shows how different people deal with coming out to family and friends.

The awkwardness and flirting between Leah and Abby is so so cute and the ending was Perfect!

Although it was a big friendship group all the characters were relatable and memorable so it wasn’t confusing at all and was a really easy read.

I liked the fact at the end it gave you a quick update from after prom as you find out what has happened! And the format of it being in an email brings back the vibes from Simon!

Overall Its a great LGBT young adult read with friendship diversity as a key theme. Which i thoroughly enjoyed and would recommend to all (especially if you’re currently in a reading slump!)

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YA Book Review : Clean

Hi guys,

Clean by Juno Dawson is a definite ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ stars.

I have finished clean and WOW!

Its an amazing, powerful ,emotional book to read. Totally engaging as always with Juno Dawsons books.

The detailed experiences of the highs and lows for Lexi were heart braking and real. You almost feel as if its happening to one of your best friends. I was totally engaged!

As well as covering Lexis story with a strong reality and sensitivity all of the the characters are also portrayed in the same way .

The friendships explored throughout were dealt with perfectly. Romance ,struggles ,and the good times were dealt with in a serious manner but also many humorous moments. Especially in the voice of Lexi and sasha .

I LOVE Love love Brady too!

I loved How it didn’t show that addiction or any mental health issue was any easy thing to overcome and that nobody’s “Normal” but doesn’t mean you don’t deserve happiness!

Overall this books is a great MentalHealth Ya read, with romance ,pureness, and all forms of relationships explored.

Definitely go check this book out!

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YALC / update

hi guys,

Im currently doing my gcses so have been busy revising ect. Therefore my reading progress is slower too.

However I am reading Clean by Juno Dawson so thats my next review coming up.

On another note the full list for YALC authors is now released!!!!(YAY)

The signings i want to go if possible to are:

SAT: Laura Dockrill , Karen Gregory and Simon James Green

SUN: Eve Ainsworth , Lisa Williamson , Juno Dawson , Jenny McLachlan , Kelly McCaughrain and Steven Camden

Due to not wanting to take too many books i shrank my tbr for YALC so i could take some that i have already read to get signed. Then hopefully pick others up there. Also to free up space for many upcoming releases i have from net galley and on my personal tbr.

My yalc TBR now is :

  1. Flying tips for flightless birds
  2. truly wildly deeply
  3. countless
  4. Noah cant even

Thanks for reading and Id love to hear your thoughts on any books mentioned or if your going to Yalc this year too.

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BOOK REVIEW: My box-shaped Heart

My box-shaped heart by Rachael Lucas is a definite ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.

I really enjoyed this book and completed it in 3nights.

Its a very easy contemporary read. The relationship build up is extremely cute.

I loved Holly as a character and voice. As it flowed beautifully.

The descriptions of Hoarding is realistic and amazingly written.

The element of secrecy throughout between the two is cool to read. Even as they are close they still don’t know much about each others life. Other than swimming.

I love swimming and used to be a competitor. So the swimming element of the novel absolutely appealed to me.

Mostly its just a fun, lighthearted,quick romance read. That deals with Mental health too. (Which was right up my street)


20 reading questions

HI guys,

something different today! Im going to answer 20 reading questions. Id love to see in the comments some of your answers too.😁😁

1 Favourite Genre?  YA romance with some sort of illness/problems

2 Current book you’re reading? Stargazing for beginners and My box shaped heart.

3 First book you remember loving? Stig of the dump and Famous Five

4 Book you wish to be a film? A quiet kind of thunder by Sara Barnard

5 Favourite protagonist? Augustus in WONDER

6 Favourite antagonist? Martin in Simon vs the homosapiens agenda

7 Do you write stories? Nope

8 A movie better/ as good as the book? WONDER (amazing)

9 Best book from this year? Goodbye perfect by Sara Barnard

10 One of you’re favourite authors? Sarah Crossan

11 Least favourite genre to read? Thriller/Fantasy/Action

12 Book you’d recommend to friends? ONE by Sarah Crossan

13 Favourite film adaptation of a book? WONDER (again)

14 Book read the most times? Life on the Refrigerator Door by Alice Kuipers

15 A book you didn’t expect to like? MoonRise by Sarah Crossan

16 Favourite classic book? The railway children

17 Book thats impacted you the most recently? Skylarks by Karen Gregory (last review on here )

18 If you could meet one author living or dead who is it? Sarah Crossan as am meeting some others at yalc who could of been here.

19 Author you think more people should know about? Estelle Laure 

20 Favourite book/series of all time? Life on the refrigerator door



Ya Book Review : Skylarks

Skylarks by Karen Gregory is a definite ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The main thing i love in this book is the LGBT relationship  Annabel and Joni have together. Its very cute to read and their dialogue is funnily portrayed through the  awkwardness between characters . The ups and downs effect you as a reader as you almost feel like one of their friends especially as Jonis voice is very impactful throughout the tough times and happy times.

Secondly, The settings are very realistic and  described well so you feel as if you’re there and can envision what both households are like ,what the library is like ect. The fact the library holds such importance for both girls is great to read as obviously I love a library (lol). As well as the mention of WordPress.

I like the fact it shows the importance and non importance of money. Which Karen has made non-stereotypical . The rich girl isn’t happy and feels alone where as the family struggling for money  appear as a unit and try getting by and are happy as long as the other members are too.

As well as this the different family relationships are shown with great personality.

I feel this book shows that less privileged people should not be made to feel ashamed ect, and is persistently shown throughout the book .

The Epilogue at the end i love as it leaves the reader anticipating what eventually happens between the two girls. I also like the reoccurrence of Kellys gig and Pete singing true colours.It almost feels like a journey and you see which things have changed but whats the same too.  It also includes a lot of powerful and inspiring life advice and ‘quotish’ sentences which will help and motivate young adults.

The layout of being in 3 parts is done extremely well. Although the story didn’t have any breaks each section had a main overtone. In my opinion the 1st was Hopeful with a lot of self doubt and flirting and 2nd was the peak of the book where both girls were in love and both relaxing together, And in 3rd It all came crashing down in relation to life ,home and friendships/romance.

This Book is a fabulous coming of age and young adult romance that deals with some hard and important topics in a commendable manner so its not intense to read.

I am delighted to have read this book ready for YALC  before its even released.

So Shout out with a massive thank you to the publishers and NETGALLEY for this !!! Cant wait to do more too.

See you again soon with another book review!!!!

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Thanks for reading