Blogmas Day 11 : Favourite Christmas Songs


Today i’m going to share my top 3 Christmas songs as I absolutely love music and Christmas. Tonight and the next 2 nights are my Choir concerts at school which i’m in (wish me luck).

SO these are my top 3:

  1. Last Christmas by WHAM
  2. All i want for Christmas is you by Mariah Carey
  3. I wish it could be Christmas Everyday by Wizzard

Also, can you believe this time last year it had snowed, so heres some pictures of Lucy loo enjoying herself to cheer your day up.


Thanks so much for reading! Tomorrows post is a good one all about xmas traditions.

What are your favourite Christmas songs?

One thought on “Blogmas Day 11 : Favourite Christmas Songs

  1. Any post with photos of your dog is a post to like in my book! I have many favorite Christmas songs – too many to list here – but off the top of my head Jingle Bell Rock and Holly Jolly Christmas are two I always sing at Holiday Karaoke. (I do karaoke every year for my birthday, which my friends have dubbed “Karoloke.”) Love Wham’s Last Christmas too!

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