MG Book Review : To Night owl from Dog Fish


This middle grade book by Holly Goldberg Sloane and Meg Wolitzer is a ⭐️⭐️⭐️.5


I loved the style of letters and emails telling the whole story as it made it easy to read and the language realistic so the story flowed beautifully.

The author covered some important topics of LGBT , POC, Divorce and Death. I thought this was great in middle grade as thats where ideas of not everyone is the same should be strongly told so that issues don’t develop further down the line in school ect.

I felt the novel was quite simplistic and it didn’t have much happen, but I must say I was still intrigued , as it was more focused on the families and Bett and Averys friendship so I did still like it.

In England we don’t have “camps” like Americans so any book with the buzzword camp is definitely something I will pick up and enjoy. Also , I was excited to read this as I’m expanding to ya, mg and new adult books now and I LOVED counting by 7s which is written by Holly so knew I would enjoy this too.

Thanks for reading my review. If you enjoyed it please check out some of my others as the support means a lot .


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