Blogmas DAY 5 : Bookish Gifts


Today i’m going to recommend gifts to buy people who enjoy reading as I love getting presents of this sort wether it be Christmas , Birthday or at any other time.

  1. Gift card e.g Amazon,Waterstones/WHSmith/Barnes and Noble: This is always a good choice because it allows the recipient to buy any book they want too and you know theres no chance of disappointment.
  2. Books PB/HB: This is a good option if you are close to the person and know what books they enjoy or if you have have been given a list of books as a wish list.
  3. Kindle or any E-Reader: This is great for all ages as the size of text is adjustable, its easier to read at night time as no lights are required to be on. Also, when travelling the weight is less so if you read a lot off books in a short time this is a lifesaver.
  4. Bookmarks: Personally i love bookmarks wether they be related to a book , unique or are from a destination. I like to swap which bookmarks i use, so i can never have too many. Also, its the thing that always seems to go missing i.e fall out your bag,  so to get some as a gift is always perfect and helpful.
  5. Merchandise e.g clothes , pillows , mugs, posters ect..: This is usually a great gift if the recipient has a favourite book i.e Harry Potter as you can get quotes, images and or the house they are in on these things . Id only recommend this option if you are certain and if they have a passion for that particular book.

Hope this helps anyone who needs to buy for a relative and or anyone who needs ideas for some presents.


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